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How to Deposit Cryptocurrency?
How to Deposit Cryptocurrency?

Making a crypto deposit is simple: just click "Wallet", pick your currency, and send it to your unique address.

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Deposit refers to the option of crediting funds to your Bombastic account using external funding options such as a Crypto Exchange or another form of crypto vendors. In essence, Bombastic provides you with an unique receiving address where you can send funds from your personal Crypto address. All you have to do is send funds from one address to another - usually a Crypto Exchange to Bombastic.​

In order to deposit to Bombastic, you must have crypto currency available in your personal Crypto address or use our buy feature to purchase Crypto directly using FIAT currencies.

In order to view and access your Bombastic wallet address you must log in and click on the DEPOSIT button at the top right side of your screen which will open your cashier page where you choose your preferred Crypto coin.

  1. Sign In:

    First, log into your Bombastic account.

  2. Go to Your Wallet:

  3. Start Your Deposit:

    Choose 'Deposit' under the wallet section to begin.

  4. Select Your Cryptocurrency:

    Use the drop-down menu to choose your preferred cryptocurrency. Bombastic offers several options for your convenience.

  5. Get Your Wallet Address and QR Code:

    Find the wallet address and QR code for a secure transfer.

  6. Copy or Scan the QR Code:

    With your Crypto Wallet, either copy the address or scan the QR code to start the transfer.​​

Here is a general view of how the funds transfer works between a Crypto Exchange your Bombastic cashier:


  1. Always check you’re using a supported network. Your unique address's note will help guide you.

  2. It’s a good practice to check the minimum deposit amounts in Bombastic cashier before going to your Cryptocurrency Exchange to send the money. The amounts might change. The right ones are always in the cashier below your Bombastic cryptocurrency address (as seen on the screenshot):

    Minimum Deposit Amounts:

    • BTC (Bitcoin): 0.0006

    • USDTE (Tether): 5

    • ETH (Ethereum): 0.01

    • BCH (Bitcoin Cash): 0.001

    • TRX (TRON): 100

    • ADA (Cardano): 2

    • LTC (Litecoin): 0.01

    • DOGE (Dogecoin): 1

    • USDTT (Tether): 5

  3. Important for XRP Users:

    Some blockchains require 2 sets of data:

    • Wallet address

    • Target ID

In those cases, think of Wallet address as a bank Swift code or a telephone country code. Without exact bank account number or telephone number, you won't be able to get what you want. It's exactly the same with Target ID. Currencies such as XRP or BCH require that extra information for Crypto funds to find their way to your Bombastic account.

Top up your account safely and enjoy your gaming journey at Bombastic!

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